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'Archival Affections' group exhibition 

Commissioned by Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada

Curated by Karina Iskandarsjah

Using speculative histories, 'Gut Feelings' resurrects a series of artefacts and imagery from late 19th century Iran, through a queer and intersectional lens. Inspired by the lives of historical figures such as Qajar royalty and feminist activist Tāj al-Salṭaneh, who are often misrepresented in the digital world via memes and misinformation. Gut Feelings questions the importance of truthful and accessible archival information, and what part oppressive systems play in this. Using moving image (3D animation and GIFs), it attempts to re-portray the women of this era in a positive light, and enquire as to how fragments of truth can reimagine queerness in pre-westernised Iran. 

Live from August 27th-November 29th at 


3D animation by Sharif Elsabagh 

Music by Coral Rose Kindred-Boothby