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Soosk, 12 minutes, 2021,  Wirksworth, Derbyshire, 12:00 minutes


‘Soosk’ explores a queer utopian rewriting of a traditional Iranian children’s story named ‘Khale Sooske’, which originally follows a female cockroach’s hunt for a husband whilst normalising domestic violence. 


This retelling, ‘Soosk’, follows the journey of a cockroach who survives gender-based violence and finds a queer safe haven with the help of a non-binary divine being. Very importantly, ‘Soosk’ revisits the trauma that sexist and abusive rhetoric in children’s stories contribute to, especially for queer people.  Soosk is a fictional fantasy about queer euphoria, and the freedom queerness offers from the struggles under hetero-patriachy. 



Written and Directed by Katayoun Jalilipour

Sound design: Coral Rose Kindred-Boothby 

Editing: Sweatmother and Katayoun Jalilipour.

Title Art Work: Corie McGowan



Selected for  Selected 11 (Video club x FLAMIN)​

London Premier at Microacts, Jun 2021

Shasha Movies, Nov 2021

Cryptofiction, Nov 2021, Curated by Andrea Zimmerman

For viewings send an email via this link.

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